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Auto Detailing Services & Pricing:

Exterior Detail: $85.00

Hand wash exterior of car. Clay the exterior surfaces to remove industrial fallout & contaminants. Clean tires/rims/grill/bumpers and outside windows. Dress tires/bumpers/trim and any outside rubber molding. Wax car with a Carnauba based wax. Waxing is done with a cyclo orbital polisher. A Cyclo Polisher will not leave swirl marks on your paint. Removal of light scratches and marks is included in the price. If your paint is in bad shape and needs compounding, This can be done for an additional charge. If you would like a basic interior cleaning, this can be done for a small extra charge. ($15-$30) Also we can apply a Teflon Paint Sealant for an additional $25.00

Interior Detail: $85.00

Vacuum then steam clean your carpet, fabric, car mats and seats. "We use a Mytee Hot Water Carpet Extractor-Steam Cleaner" Your interior leather & vinyl is cleaned then conditioned with ph balanced products. Take little brushes to knock out the buildup of dust and dirt in the control panels/dashboard/stick shift knob/console. Wipe down interior windows/door jams. Please tell me if you would like me to vacuum out your personal area too..trunk/glove box.

Complete Detail: $149.00

Includes the interior and exterior detail listed above. Larger vehicles like Suvs/large trucks/mini vans are higher in price. ($25 to $70 additional) I can also apply a Teflon Paint Sealant for an additional $25.00.

Additional Services:

Paint overspray removal       $130.00 and up

Teflon Paint Sealant             Add $25 to exterior or complete detail price

Odor removal/tar removal/oxidation removal/fabric protection     By quote

Boat & RV Detailing $9.00 per/ft

For exterior detailing on RV’s and Boats. I charge $9 per foot. If the boat/rv is in poor condition. Compounding can be added for an additional cost.