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Detailing Equipment and chemicals

Steam cleaning wand from a  mytee three stage vacuum/steam cleaner

High speed buffer on a 1978 chevy. Notice the oxidized dead blue paint on the buffers head.

Detailing Equipment

    I carry some of the best detailing equipment available in the auto conditioning market. For outside your car I carry a 2000psi pressure washer to wash your car. The wax is applied using a cylco orbital buffer.(picture of cyclo on previous page) For cars that need re-conditioning of their paint. I have a high speed buffer to accomplish that mission.(see blue car pic to the right)

    For inside your vehicle I carry two steam cleaners. I have a mytee three stage vacuum steam cleaner. I also carry a smaller unit  with its own  separate heating element.  I  can achieve a higher steam temp with this unit for the really dirty spots. Additionally I carry a full line of  brushes to get in all those cracks and crevises.

Detailing Chemicals

    My main chemical line that I carry is called”Pro” Its manufactured by BAF chemicals. It is the second largest supplier of automotive chemicals in the world. I carry over 20 different chemicals in my truck. Whether its a carnuba wax for your paint or a PH balanced leather cleaner for your leather...I carry it.I have specialty chemicals for urin,water spots,tar,bugs,stucco,cement,swirl marks,odors,scratches,oxidaztion...ect.....