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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Do you clay the car? Yes I  clay prep every car I wax.(Exception are the express waxes) The Claying process removes most contaminants on top of your painted surface.

2.How long does it take to detail a small car?  It takes me somewhere around 3hrs for me to detail a small car.  Larger suvs/trucks/vans might add 30 to 60 minutes.

3. What is a the  difference between a carnuba wax and a teflon? Most waxes lay on top of your painted surface.  Providing protection for 3 to 6 months.(up to a year if garaged a lot) Teflon bonds to your painted surface.  Kind of like sewing it in.  It provides a longer protection. Up to a year. You can also buy a 5 year warranty from a insurance company  on a new car protection plan.(3 years for a used car)

4. How often  should I detail my car? As a general rule I tell people you should get your car waxed/clayed at least once a year to keep it looking nice. Otherwise contaminants will build up on your car’s surface and it won’t look as nice. Plus your paint will dull and wear out sooner. As your gets “older” you might want to get it waxed at least twice a year.

5. Can you remove a scratch? As a general rule. Some scratches can be buffed out. BUT....if your scratch is all the way thru the painted surface...Its Permanent :o( Like the photo on my main  page shows. I can get the paint transfer off  your car with heavy compound. Scratches..some come off..some don’t

6.Can you remove a coffee stain? Most times coffee stains can be removed without an issue. Its the stains that chemically change the  make up of the carpets/seats that are a problem. Like inks....gatorade can  be a problem too...dyes

7.I saw an infomercial on TV that says it can remove this that or what? Don’t believe or buy a thing you see on an infomercial for your car. They don’t work. Don’t waste your money. Exception would be the micro fiber towels. These do work well for your car. Very well on your interior plastic parts. NO lint from them!

8. Whats the difference between having you detail my car and taking to a  car wash/dealer for a detail? A car wash/car dealer puts their experienced people in the detail department. This most times is someone with one  years experience. I have 18 years experience detailing cars in my business. So their is a huge difference in terms of experience. I’ve been in business long  enough to even know the histories of car models. I know what problems they’ve had in  past and what issues to look for currently. I know a lot of little things that get know over long period of time.